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Everyday our body ages! And how many stay active? How many are free from DIS-EASE? How many are free from any maintenance medicine? And how many of you would like to be liberated from the effects of aging? The body is design for motion. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Sedentary lifestyle is […]

A letter from Tjalling de Bruin to Vivian Zapanta Thank you for your advise on how to sleep with lower back pain. I am now sleeping on my back with my legs laced over a large pillow (bolster). This has reduced my back pain considerably in the morning compared to sleeping on my side. Fluids […]

Do you know that by staying physical active is the key to enduring health and well being? Our body is designed for motion and the moment you become sedentary our body ages. Our cell literary dies and does not regenerate as it should be. It is like having a car and you do not use […]