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Do you know that by staying physical active is the key to enduring health and well being? Our body is designed for motion and the moment you become sedentary our body ages. Our cell literary dies and does not regenerate as it should be. It is like having a car and you do not use […]

This workshop focuses on the ingenious design of the spine. A design that requires more conscious effort than we normally give our back! Have you ever wondered why do we have a spine? Why is it shaped the way it is? How does it move and regenerate itself? These and more questions will be answered, […]

Vivian recently concluded another successful Functional Anatomy course! If you are an instructor of any movement modality, like Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, ballroom dancing, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Professionals, etc, this is very important tool that determines how you can create an effective and body changing exercise program safely. Knowing Functional Anatomy determines how these muscles […]