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Photo barrowed from Pinterest Do you know by not paying attention to how we stand, sit, walk,and how we sleep has an adverse effect on the health of our internal organs and on our back, neck and shoulders? People that are always in a round back or round shoulder posture will always have a shortness […]

In life, as well as in our body, if what you do and what you want are, are not matched, then you will never be able to make that goal a reality. It is literally like day-dreaming only without the right action! It is like wanting to be healthy, fit, strong and sexy and all […]

How Turmeric Can Prevent Cancer Extrapulated from: Daily Superfood Love in Prevention With over 100 different types of this life threatening disease, it sometimes seems like getting a cancer diagnosis may be inevitable. The latest 2014 statistics from the American Cancer Society, cancer causes nearly 1 out of 4 deaths in the United States. However, […]