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If you know of anyone that has cancer, please watch this episode while it is still available to watch! Mammogram can cause Cancer!  This is a terrible that we women have to be subjected to this painful test, for there are better options.  Momogram can actually increase having cancer by 2 %.  Early detection is […]

Cancer is the most deadliest and most expensive disease to treat! “Namatayan ka na!  Lubog ka pa sa utang” You already lost your loved one, you are left with a huge debt! Watch episode 6 Clean Foods & Cancer Free Diet!  

So many of us lost our love ones to Cancer!  If you want to help yourself or a loved ones about cancer, educate yourself and learn the truth of Cancer!  Follow this 11 part documentary about the truth about Cancer! Episode 1 Modern Medicine & the Cancer Pandemic   The medicine being prescribed was more […]