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Instructor Testimonials

Sharlene Hsiao“Yesterday I had a chance to teach one of my diver friend who has practiced reformer at Absolute for a while but she still has pain on her neck and shoulders which put her to a bad sleep at night. She would like to order my baked Brownies as she didn’t has it for so long. As she knew that I finished a course as a Pilates instructor, she asked me to help her correct many posture especially “Hundred”. I did correct her just like what you have taught me on the day of my exam, showed her how to transfer head load during the curl up. Taught her how to use correct muscles. This afternoon she calls me and said she would like to buy me some reformer package because she has no pain at all on her neck and shoulders like before even she hasn’t done Pilates for 2 months. She was so amazed that she did not have any neck and shoulder pain, as she asked her instructor at Absolute to help her but she’s still get pain. I was so glad to hear that and would like to share this with you. I promise to keep studying and do my best for my future.”
– Supaluck Chulasewok, Bangkok, Thailand 

Sharlene Hsiao“I’ve been learning so much since 6 years ago when I first knew about Stott Pilates. From skeletal muscle, posture analysis, movement design and even the interpretation of image…etc., all of these have my teaching techniques improved, and I can’t never thank enough to Ms. Vivian Cubelo Zapanta, who has made every efforts to teach us everything she knows.”

“As we had practiced a lot beforehand to learn all the movements by heart, so ACCB test went well in August. Comments received from the instructor for me were: A teacher with careful consideration and experiences, sharp observation, unique oral instruction, excellent teaching skills with steps and fun, great progress made than before, capable to provide training to Cirque de Soleil (overwhelmed!)… Speaking of Cirque de Soleil, I was contacted by them a few years ago when they were having a tour here in Taiwan, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to be their instructor eventually for lack of venue with proper equipments. Even so I still appreciated the interview opportunity they gave me and also the assistance of one of my students, who helped on the translation. I’ll keep up the hard work to perfect Pilates and believe myself will be able to coach them someday in the near future… but before then I must improve my English first, ha!”

“This could be the last time we meet Vivian, as there is already one Stott Training Center in Taiwan, and which really makes me feel sad… But I know there is bound to be goodbyes in our lives, so all I can do is to endeavor to become a better teacher and make more people realize the beauty of Pilates. Thank you! Ms. Vivian Cubelo Zapanta, my teacher forever!”
– Sharlene Hsiao, Taiwan. August 26, 2012

Stevenson Vicera “Vivian Zapanta is one of the great contributors of fitness in the Philippines. She has dedicated her life in providing fitness for the Filipinos. I am fortunate enough to be able to learn from her in my early years as a personal trainer. She is a teacher by heart. She has mentored countless trainers and Pilates teachers all over Asia. I highly recommend her if your looking for a mentor in Pilates. She is the best in the Philippines. She used to train the former President of the Philippines.”
– Steve Vicera, Phoenix, Arizona


Ryan Reyes“I am a Filipino physical therapist and personal trainer in Alberta, Canada.  I came back to the Philippines and invested my time, money and effort to learn from Vivian Zapanta, through the STOTT PILATES™ Intensive Mat-Plus so I can apply it on my own physique and thereafter teach it to my clients in the Gym. When I applied the principles of STOTT PILATES™ to my strength training program, my clients were amazed by the results, it seemed like the same exercises but it felt so different. It challenged their muscles like they never felt before. Even other trainers were asking for my help.  It gave me the edge I needed, it’s awesome, and I’m so excited to return and learn more from these workshops that I have enrolled in. It’s the best training ever. It pulled all my knowledge together and made it practical.”

“I can keep on going here but for people passionate about fitness and health, STOTT PILATES™ training is something they should look into because the principles learned will carry over to everything else in your life. The principle of mobility with stability was amazing and I was able to pass it on to my clients with ease.”

“Being certified as a STOTT PILATES™ instructor was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been training for years before then and also got certified as a personal trainer with ACE on top of my physio degree and had all the theoretical part pretty much covered but still missing the practical part, which STOTT PILATES™ gave me.”
– Ryan Reyes, Alberta, Canada 

“Vivian, I’m still so thankful for getting the chance to do my certification through you- you are a great mentor! It opens so many doors for me in the US and my life changed towards a completely new, wonderful direction. I thank you with all my heart!”
– Nadine Morrison 

“The satisfaction of learning and teaching Pilates is I was able to incorporate Pilates in a rehab setting to help the patients regain balance, inner strength and shorten the rehabilitation time.”
– Fritzie Colacion, Licensed Physical Therapist, Kuwait 

Sharlene Hsiao“I had great time last week in Makati . the training was super and awesome and help me to make new variation..last week I gave to my group “mat work with fitness circle”, they loved it. I am looking forward to hearing your upcoming training. Hope I can join again.”
– Ervianti Pujiono, Indonesian, residing in Bangladesh