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Client Testimonials

“Thank you Sheila, and Vivian, you have cured me – I can walk without back pain – even travel long distance flights and not suffer. Pilates is the best exercise I have ever tried.”
– Wendy Wycherley, UK but now based in the Philippines

Eric Carchon “Thanks Vivian, I’ve been suffering from backproblems since childhood. Every medical treatment I received was based on healing symptoms. Thanks to the excercises you thaught me to be aware of breathing, posture and mobilising joints, I can really feel a difference in every day life. You also introduced me to Fit Line food supplements which have a remarkeble influence on general health in every day life. It really shows that you know what your are doing. Thanks for your dedicated care and advice.”
– Eric Carchon, Belgium


Sabina Voght“I have been very active in my youth and due to my bad posture, coupled with slight scoliosis built up to a culmination of my slipped disc between L4 and L5. I had a burning and tingling sensation down my legs. The pain was so intense that couldn’t even carry the smallest thing nor couldn’t even walk for more than 15 minutes while shopping. As an International School Teacher, I even got permission to lie down in class when my back was triggered. My low back muscles were so tight that I had to wear a brace to help hold myself up. My doctor gave me drugs, painkillers, muscle relaxers, and even cortisone shots to reduce the pain. A nurse even told me that I would just have to get used to the pain…. OMG! I was doomed! I even went to physical therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, hot baths, herbal heating pads religiously to get the muscle spasms under control, but all these wasn’t enough, to a point that my pain changed my life. I was literary afraid to move!

“A friend who also had a slipped disc recommended Pilates, it took baby steps at first, starting with the basics of breathing. At first I was attending three sessions a week. Then I was addicted to Pilates, because slowly but surely the pain began to subside, and I felt the strength and awareness building within me. I began to feel the change of my body awareness and could feel the imbalances of my muscles. With that awareness, my body began a transformation with better posture and sitting position Vivian’s teaching precision helped build my core muscles. I learned that my abdominal muscles had been on vacation for most of my life, so my back took over. When I was ready, Vivian placed me in the hands of Marzena, my current instructor, who continues to help me maintain my body’s health. This idea that there is no pain, no gain with exercise is unhealthy. Pilates’ gentle nature allows you to gain without pain. Pilates is not a band-aid to cover my injury; it’s a way to overcome it. From that moment, Pilates changed my life, and I want to spread the word of how the Power of Pilates has changed my life!”
– Sabina Voght

Paul Richard“My wife introduced me to Pilates 2 years ago and I must admit I was skeptical about its benefits. I have always been fit and healthy, playing soccer, tennis and squash since I was young and eating a balanced diet, so what could Pilates contribute? Well, 2 years on, and thanks to the excellent tuition I receive every week from Tin Achacoso, I have become an avid fan! My core has strengthened, my posture has improved, my understanding of correct breathing techniques has helped with stress management and generally, I feel fitter and stronger than before. And as I passed the 50 year mark this year, and my ability to play the more strenuous sports declines, I anticipate Pilates becoming an even more critical part of my exercise regime. So, Pilates is not just for people with back problems, and is not a meditation technique…it is a focused, disciplined and active routine which builds strength, relieves stress and prevents many of the posture-related problems associated with middle- and old-age. Thank you Tin!!!”
– Paul Richards, from UK but based in the Philippines since 2008

Allison Seniuk“I was so lucky to work with Sheila during the 3 years I spent in Manila. Within weeks of starting, I experienced an increased awareness of my body and a renewed sense of strength and well-being. The greatest benefit to me, though, was during and after my first pregnancy. Under Sheila’s guidance, we modified the pre-natal sessions as my pregnancy progressed and I am positive it gave me the strength to carry around so much extra weight with relative ease and very little discomfort! Because the instructors have specific training in how to work with pregnant clients, I felt really safe, supported and confident in continuing to work out throughout my pregnancy.”
– Allison Seniuk, Ottawa, Canada

“I am happy to let the world know that the back pain I’ve suffered from over the past ten years has now completely disappeared and, without a doubt , this is due to the beneficial effects of Pilates. In retrospect, my back pain started as mere stiffness, which I ignored until 2004 when I realized I could no longer last a whole night in my bed without having to sit up in order to relieve the pain from my lower back. In one instance, I had myself brought to the emergency room of a hospital nearby thinking I was having a heart attack due to a sharp pain radiating from my left shoulder blade. It turned out to be another back-related problem.”

“Physical therapy provided some relief, but the backache would quickly return upon cessation of treatment. Weight training in the gym only aggravated my condition. I therefore resigned myself to my condition until in 2005, I saw what Pilates had done for my secretary. A few years back she had an accident that put her in great pain and required continuous pain medication. After just a year, Pilates had somehow cured her problem and she was off the pain killers. I had to give it a try!”

“Pilates is deceptively easy and in just three weeks I could already feel the strengthening of my back muscles and within six months the pain had subsided to the point where I did not have to sit up at night anymore. Little did I know I was just going through a prolonged conditioning stage. As I progressed, my trainer, Marz, expertly adjusted the program to be progressively more challenging. At the same time she introduced routines that focused on the areas in my torso that needed to be strengthened. Luckily for me Marz has a great sense of humor and always make me feel I have done great – even when I know better.”

“But the change in my sense of well being has been dramatic and three years later, I have no intentions of stopping. I am fortunate to discover the Pilates studio of Vivian Zapanta and Marzena Nowakowska. Words hardly express the appreciation and sense of gratitude I feel, so a simple thank you to Marz and Vivian will have to do. But if by reading this short testimonial you will be enticed to try Pilates out. If you do, then I know I’ll have succeeded where words could not.”
– Joey Lim, April 2009

Paul Richard“I began studying Pilates at your studio less than three months ago. Given my age (over 60) and the tendency for posture and strength to degrade as we get older, I thought Pilates would be an excellent way to improve in these areas. The results have exceeded my most optimistic expectations, and I attribute this to the quality of your school, and especially my instructor Bernie. A very telling indicator of how much progress I have made came when I was on a two week business trip to the US recently. I took two semi-private classes at two different studios (in New Jersey and Montana) and instructors at both schools remarked on how good my technique was, especially for a beginner. This is quite a compliment to the quality of your instruction. I look forward to many more sessions at your studio.”
– Tom Browder