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Franklin Method

Franklin MethodThe Franklin Method is considered the future of teaching movement. Eric Franklin has helped many to advance their teaching technique not just by applying scientific principles and studying anatomy, but also by utilizing the power of the imagination through imagery in all its applications. This cutting edge method is now being used and applauded by the Royal Ballet School London, Julliard School of the Arts New York, by many athletes and dancers—and also by Pilates and Yoga practitioners.

Here at VZPS, we are committed to producing top quality instructors, and Vivian Zapanta is now a proud Franklin Method Educator, and is now authorized to conduct Franklin Method Workshops. For more information, kindly call our studio at +632.886.7744.

To learn more about the Franklin Method and how you may benefit from it, visit the Franklin Method Website.


“It’s wonderful to learn Franklin Method to know how the bones moves. The Pelvic Power workshop made me feel that my body is a whole chain, not just segments. It’s great to know the power of language, the thoughts too, & how they affect the movement. I will use it myself and while I am teaching pilates to my students. Thanks Vivian for bringing this to us!”
– Reina Su, Taipei, Taiwan
“It’s a new idea to teach & guide movements by using images. As a physical therapist and as a pilates instructor, it is hard to explain some biomechanic knowledge in an easy way, (an easy to understand, memorize and apply). I found that I can merge more things together into my career as well as the knowledge level. Excellent workshop! Different points of view! Thanks!”
– Jennfer Peng, Taipei, Taiwan
“It was a great experience for me, although is very new to me and not familiar with the terms of the body parts, I can still understand it and I will spend time to learn more in the future. I feel it will be very useful for me, as a dancer. This Method will make my trainings and performances easier and will let me do more with less effort. Thank you Vivian for this wonderful class. I really enjoyed it!”
– Anastasia, Ukraine:
“It’s so great that a dancer like me can learn how to move without injuring myself. I ::felt the connection of my mind with my body, this is very effective when we move. Also I’ve learned the moves with balls which help to relax the body, the lower back. It was a very interesting to learn how the pelvis works, and some some terminologies for me to know.”
– Valentina Gurova, Ukraine
“I love the imageries Franklin Method uses, especially with the pelvis rolling like a wheel, rolling forward & back. A lot of the time when I explain about pelvic movements in class with my students they tend to do from the hip joint and not rolling. Imagery will help me to help my students to understand the movement better.”
– Ann Weng, Brussels, Belgium
“With Franklin Method, I learned how to connect my body feeling with my brain. I am more sensitive with my muscles and bones. I showed me how to relax and wake up my nerves.”
– Elisabeth Richard, South Africa
“Franklin Method let me feel how to relieve my body off tension. I learned if I use my body in the right way, I will feel more light.”
– Ya-Chin, Taipei, Taiwan
“I learned that with less effort (relaxed & yet not totally) gives me a more efficient way to do movements.”
– Kate Shyu, Taipei, Taiwan
“I enjoyed the workshop immensely. I enjoyed the breakdown of the pelvis and what happens to our bones when we walk and sit. I like finding ways to relax my body. Also learning to use different cues to help my students. I just love rolling on the small balls to help release muscle tension on my body.”
– Joyce Wang, Taipei, Taipei
“Connecting my mind to my body, makes me perform better. I discovered that a good verbal cue is very important because it can me perform movement more efficiently. Movement of the pelvis is multiple, I learned to move my pelvis more and less of my lumbar spine, to ease pressure on my back. It created more awareness of how I use my body which makes me move easier.”
– Leslie Wang, Taipei, Taiwan
“It is the most impressive thing that I have discovered: To connect the brain & body & Nervous System to move the body. I have discovered that less effort, creates efficient movement without tension or pain.”
– Lucy Liu, Taipei, Taiwan
“Pelvis is the body’s center. I learned the nerves connect the pelvis and mind. If we relax the body, like massage, warm-up the joints and using proper cues, then we can d exercise more easily. I also learned that bones moves all in spirals. It is used for shock absorption.”
– Vivian Liu, Taipei, Taiwan
“Before I used muscle control, alignment on pilates before, now I found connection of all my joints. Now I can teach pilates in using efficient tension to contract my muscles with little force with great results.”
– Frances Kuo
“I discovered using imagery cues are indeed very powerful! (like opening and closing the windows, when we talk about sit bones opening and closing when you are to sit and stand. I dance a lot and I’m very active and even though I’m very aware of my body, I feel I need to connect more to my mind. Looking forward to taking more workshops!”
– Magdalena Zieba, Spain
“I really appreciate what I have learned. I have always intense when I exercise, I learned how to use my body with less effort and at the same time create powerful strength.”
– Nancy Liu, Taipei, Taiwan