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Here at VZ Pilates Studio, one of our main thrusts is to be able to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Our studio strives to do this in the most holistic way possible—offering not only the guidance of our meticulous instructors, but also supplements and products that can improve your health and lifestyle.

We only distribute products that we believe in—products that have helped us look and feel our best. Read on to see what Vivian has to say about these products!


Franklin MethodAs a STOTT PILATES™ Trainer and a Franklin Method Educator, I need to have sharp mental focus on what I have to say and do. I started taking FitLine almost four years ago, and I have not looked back ever since. I receive a lot of compliments from both men and women that I definitely do not look my age (turning 58 next month!). They say I look so much younger. As you can see from the photos, my skin has a healthy glow.” –Vivian Zapanta, October 2011


Franklin MethodIn a short period of time, using BeautyLine helped me keep a young and glowing complexion, and because of it, I’m also wrinkle free (yipee!). Best of all, it kept my age spots at bay, and they even became lighter, that they almost look invisible (so incredibly happy!). You see, I love the outdoors, and I love to sun bathe for a healthy vitamin D. I like to go out of town for snorkling and scuba diving, and BeautyLine has helped me look young even after all my exposure to the sun!” –Vivian Zapanta, 2011

Kangen Water

Franklin MethodThis is perhaps the best investment that I have ever made. This machine creates 5 types of water with many various uses. Kangen Water works for me because I have acid reflux, so my acidity was addressed by it, without taking medicine. Even my cellulite diminished from drinking this water. I attribute my younger looking skin to it too, because when I am properly hydrated, my skin is taut and wrinkle-free. Just remember, raisins are dehydrated, and that’s why they wrinkly (Haha!). So if you do not want wrinkled skin, drink Kangen water!” –Vivian Zapanta, 2011

Ozein Air

Franklin MethodHaving a Pilates studio requires me to think about providing good fresh and clean air, specially where it a closed environment with air-conditioning. I need to make sure that the air that I and my clients breathe is clean and fresh. This not only a air cleaner—it is effective in removing airborne contaminants that include dust, pollen, smoke, and mold. Best of all, foul smells are eradicated. It is worth every cent and is very effective.” –Vivian Zapanta, 2011 To learn more go to

These products are available for purchase at our studio. For more information regarding availability and prices, you may contact us at:

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